Ground and first floor extension and loft conversion in Jericho, Oxford.

Large Double storey extension in North Oxford.

The requirement here was a two-storey rear extension and a loft conversion. The ground floor rear extension is 5m long and 4m wide. This created a large ground floor kitchen, dining and lounge area 5m wide by 10m long.

The first-floor extension is 3m long and 4m wide. The loft conversion created very sizable bedroom, together with an en-suite shower room total area more than 32m2 (320 square feet).

The loft conversion created a double bedroom and en-suite shower room with a total area of 38m2 (380 sq. feet). Three large “Velux” roof-lights were fitted to the front elevation and a Juliette balcony to the rear dormer face. The new stairs were fitted over the existing therefore no living space lost when adding the new stairs.

The size of the property increased by around a 50%, doubling the footprint. A decent return for the customer in an area of Oxford where the property prices are eye wateringly expensive.

The building works are all “Permitted developments”, no planning permission required.

The project time is around 7 months and the cost around £170,000.