If you building works are to be done properly and are to recognised as a legal and extended addition to your overall demise you will require a Building Regulation certificate on completion of the works.

The building works will only be recognised by your or any bank, building society or other lender as legitimate works provided they are accompanied by a Building regulation completion certificate.

Touchstone Lofts will appoint a Building Regulation officer for your works. The inspector will undertake the necessary checks and site visits to make sure the works are carried out to the standards required in the Building Act.

The areas he will be checking include these listed below.


The inspector will check the groundworks when the foundations are ready for the first concrete pour and will also check, if required when the second concrete pour is ready.

Structural Calculations & Plans

Once the architectural plans have been prepared, a copy is sent to the building inspector, who will check these and confirm they meet the standards required by the Building Act. This is called a pre-plan check. Once the works start the inspector will carry out the required site visits and liaise with the builder directly. Our structural engineer works on the project throughout where required by the builder only.


Insulation will be required at all levels of your building project. The floor, walls and roof areas and the internal walls will require a determined level of insulation. The insulation serves to retain and reflect heat, offer some fire protection and provide sound insulation. These will all be checked by the building inspector.

Fire Protection

The inspector will check that the building works comply with Fire regulations as set out in the Building Act.

Plumbing & Heating

The inspector will check the plumbing to ensure Building regulations have been adhered to.


Areas not ventilated correctly may lead to condensation and damp, so the inspector will check these as required.

Electrical Certification

Once the electrical works have been completed a copy of the electrical certification is forwarded to the building inspector.