It is thought humans have resided on the site of Warwick town as long ago as 10,200 BC during the Neolithic age, and historians discovered the town has been inhabited continuously since the 6th century. Before the advent of modern transport, the town enjoyed an important location due to it being close to the Fosse Way, a Roman road that linked Exeter and Lincoln, and the River Avon.

A desirable commuting town

In more recent times, Warwick has become a desired location for those who need to be near to the cities of Birmingham or Coventry, but who prefer not to live in a metropolis. Warwick is very well connected to both by rail and road, but with winding lanes and the green meadows of the Avon as a backdrop, it has a quaint charm that is not present in either of the nearby bustling cities.

The housing stock in Warwick consists mainly of post-war constructions, and while Warwick is not the cheapest place to buy in the UK due to its favourable location and appealing atmosphere, you can still pick up both terraced and detached bargains for under 200K.

Why choose us for your Warwick building project

Touchstone Builders have served Warwickshire property owners for more than 20 years, completing all sorts of diverse projects in the area ranging from small garden walls to new build housing. We specialise in loft conversions, kitchen extensions, and modernisations, and can help with the design of your project as well as with securing planning permission. We also have our own expert team of plumbers, electricians and roofers, so are perfectly positioned to complete every aspect of the work on any size property.

When you contact us, you will find we are different to most Warwick construction firms as we are very interested in discovering exactly what you want the project to achieve for your family. If you are looking to convert your loft because you want organised storage, this is a very different venture than if you want a peaceful space to relax at the end of a hard day. We take time to listen to your desires to get the project exactly right from the start.

We pride ourselves on our top quality service, which has led to 70% of clients coming to us as direct referrals, a figure which we feel shows our dedication to making sure our customers are always happy with the completed work.

Contact us today to discuss your Warwick building project via our contact form, or call 01865 595577.

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